Our Vision is to Win, Disciple, Send


WIN a person to Christ, DISCIPLE a person in Christ, and SEND a person into a lost and needy world 

We are a multi-site, inter-generational, multi-cultural church meeting in several different locations with a variety of expressions in Eastern Connecticut.


We do this as we Gather, Scatter and Serve 

GATHER together to worship God, grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and fellowship  

SCATTER back to our cars, kitchen tables, places of employment and play sharing the Good news everywhere we go 

SERVE in our homes, families, jobs, our church, our communities, circles of friendship and influence, sharing Jesus everywhere we go!.  


Our goal is to: 

    * Give every household and every school campus in Eastern Connecticut an opportunity to hear and          respond to the Gospel by 2027 sharing the Gospel simply and creatively through every means                    possible.  

    * Continue to multiply campuses, outreaches, services and church plants throughout the region.  

    * Nurture a Youth Movement, reaching every high school and college in the targeted region.  

    * Continue to make disciples by teaching and preaching every line, every chapter and book of the Bible     consistently and continually  

     * Continue to Identify, Recruit, Train, Deploy, Monitor, People on every level of servant hood and                  leadership. 

     * Plant, Adopt, Partner, Merge to establish new small groups, campus groups and worship locations          throughout the region