Giving is an important part of our worship and service towards God. Every week we trade our time, energy, talent, intelligence, strength and emotion for dollars. Since we’ve already given the best of our lives for money, it is difficult to say that we are giving our lives to God without giving money (which we’ve traded our lives for) back to Him, who gave us life, strength and talent to be with.

New England has the least amount of Bible Believing people in the United States. By giving we partner together to reach out to our communities providing worship services, clear Bible teaching, service opportunities and outreach through a variety of methods including our dynamic weekend services, radio, media, outreaches and partnerships with other ministries.

In addition to reaching out locally, we participate in world evangelization by partnering with missionaries we know around the world.Your contributions, tithes and offerings make a difference and give our lives a purpose beyond ourselves and even beyond our church, which is making huge difference!There are several ways to give:1) You can with automatic payments from your checking account. Check with your bank to set this up. This is a simple and effective way to give consistently to God and the work of the church.2) You can bring your contribution to church weekly and place it in the boxes we have throughout the auditoriums. This allows you to give while you are worshipping together with the congregation.3) You can give online by Clicking Here or on the picture