What: Conquer Series – A 10 week series on purity for men. In our era of easy access to visuals, all men need a battle plan for purity.

When: Mondays, April 23, 7pm, (10 week series)

Where: Montville church annex (garage)

How: Sign up on our web site so that we can order the book for you.

Our culture has become over so sexualized and uses sex to sell just about anything from toothpaste to cars. We have been on an amazing journey here at Calvary over the last year preparing men’s hearts strengthening mens heats amidst an anointed series called the Conquer Series that is  sweeping the nation right now. We are about to launch another series here at this campus on Monday April 23rd 7:00 to 9:00 PM watch this trailer.
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